The Bavarian Musikmeisters is a 38 piece all volunteer blaskapelle fashioned after the wind ensembles found in alpine villages of Southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Czechoslovakia. We are in search of musicians who play euphonium, baritione, Tenor Horn, Flugel horn, trumpet, etc... We encourage our musicians to bring solos and duets or any such presentation as would enrich our performances. We would be very interested in adding alphorn as well. Our instrumentation, costumes, and music all are as authentic as possible. We have roughly 18 rehearsals and 18 performances through our season January through mid-October. We are a 501(c)(3) and do not pay our conductors, officers, or musicians for their work or performances. We do offer reimbursement for mileage and expenses under certain conditions. The fees we collect are used to underwrite the cost of running the web site, obtaining music, commissioning original pieces, and the general operation of an organization like ours. While there are no formal rules guiding the instrumentation of an organization such as ours, we do try to field a piccolo, two flutes, six clarinets, six trumpets, six flugelhorns, three tenor horns (1st baritone), three baritones (2nd baritone), four trombones, three tubas, and a percussionist. We also have vocalists and dancers. Please visit to learn more about our group. You are welcome to email me any questions you may have as well.