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Thread: The Cost of a Mouthpiece to a Supplier

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    The Cost of a Mouthpiece to a Supplier

    My friend works for WWBW and he told me that most denis wick SMU mouthpieces in gold plate cost the store around $67.19. That was just shocking on how cheap it is. Just thought I'd share this.

  2. The Cost of a Mouthpiece to a Supplier

    WWBW probably gets the biggest discount possible since they order more than everybody else. The general rule in retail is that dealer cost + 12% = breaking even. Hardware stores usually aim for a mark-up of 20-25%, Grocery stores 30-35% (since they have a lot more variables to deal with and can lose/(have it spoil) merchandise easily).

    That the mouthpieces cost $67 seems a tad low, but I am not surprised. A markup of 100% seems high, but they probably got some kind of deal and the usual price is probably in the $85-$100 range.

    (My first job was in a grocery store, I quickly noticed to for every sale item there was an item besides on which the markup would sometimes be up to 300%. They would get you in the store with the deals, but make the money on other objects.)


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