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Thread: Problems with trigger on my new Prestige

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    Problems with trigger on my new Prestige

    So after a VERY long time of raising money towards a new horn, I recently got a used Besson 2051 Prestige. Everything is in perfect working order except the tuning slide. It is not the actual trigger, just the lubrication on the main tuning slide. It is not good enough for the trigger to actually function. How do I fix this?

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    Problems with trigger on my new Prestige

    I used Daruby's method of using Hetman Slide Oil 5 on my besson trigger! Works great!

  3. Problems with trigger on my new Prestige

    Here is a bit of a tip. First, you need to remove the tuning slide which may require undoing a screw on older Prestige horns.Make sure the legs of the tuning slide are VERY clean. I actually used some silver polish (Wrights Silver Creme) on mine, using just my fingers to clean any greasy residue, corrosion, or tarnish that might be residual on the legs. Then wash the slide with soap and water to get any residue from the polish off. Now oil the slide legs with Hetman #5 Slide oil. Make sure you rotate the slide legs in the body of the horn to get the oil liberally coating the walls of the receivers. Then reassemble (just snap the pushrod on on newer horns, screw it on on older ones). Should be better!

    IF the slide is bent or the receiver legs are not aligned, the slide will bind. This is a technician repair job, not home maintenance.

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  4. Problems with trigger on my new Prestige

    Also get Hetman's Light Bearing and Linkage for the ball joints on the trigger mechanism.

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    Problems with trigger on my new Prestige

    I like to use Conn Superslick on the main slide of my 2052. Works for me.


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