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Thread: G&W mouthpieces for sale [sold]

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    G&W mouthpieces for sale [sold]

    These are all large shank, polished stainless steel. They are the newer lighter-weight versions and are in perfect condition with no scratches or dings. They are not the discounted "seconds" that they sell. $90 each.
    DHWA-S - a few words about this one since it is not on their web site. DHWA-S stands for Danny Helseth Washington Solo. Danny is a former euphonium player in the air force concert band in washington dc and now lives in washington state and performs as a euphonium soloist. This is his signature design. I measure it around 1.04" diameter with a very wide and comfortable rim. It's medium deep and fairly bowl shaped with a smaller throat than many of the other G&W mouthpieces I have. I like it a lot, but it's too big for me! Might appeal to one of you who like larger mouthpieces.

  2. G&W mouthpieces for sale

    Have you sold any of these? I am interested in the Danny Helseth piece.

    Steven Vaughn, D.M.A.
    Professor of Euphonium, University of Northern Colorado
    S.E. Shires Euphonium Artist

    Principal Tuba - Fort Collins Symphony
    Solo Euphonium - Colorado Brass

    Eastman 836
    MW 2182W
    Shires Q40

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    G&W mouthpieces for sale

    Hi Steve. I had a really busy week and hadn't checked this site this week! Sorry! Thanks for sending me another message on the "other" site which triggered an email notification and got me to check. I sent you an email.


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    G&W mouthpieces for sale

    all now sold.



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