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Thread: losing my main slide in a football stadium!

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    losing my main slide in a football stadium!

    So it was my freshmen year and of course I was new to marching band, and in late september, it was our stadium rehearsal for our uil show. We waited in the stands for another school to finish and as i talked to my friends, i heard a small ringing sound as if something fell, i looked around and saw nothing on the concrete bleachers. We then went onto the field and into warmup arc, during our long tones and double tounging for brass, i realized i was getting a weird sound on my horn but i thought "i played alot today, so maybe my chops are tired" so i ignored the problem. We went to our spots for our opening set and we rehearsed.

    Our head director was speaking to the mellophones and of course our baritone/euphonium section was chatting as we usually do and then i looked at my marching baritone and then I yelled "oh !@#$ where's my slide!!!" My squad leaders' faces turned pale. I began to freak out and what made it worse was that i had been issued a completely brand new marching baritone that year, i was the first to even play on it! My section leaders told me to go to my director that was near us and I was afraid walking away from my spot, i was a freshmen! I finally did, i told him what happened and he said, "dont worry, just walk around the field and retrace your steps" I did and it was really humiliating walking around the field when everyone was marching around you and we had the rehearsal was being recorded on camera!!!! I couldnt find it, i looked in the stands, my case in the loading area, and even my hat box (i was really stressed). Soo we left that night without my slide and i didnt get any food like everyone else cuz i spent the whole time looking.

    The next day, i asked my director what will we do about this incident. He tells me to come into his office and says literally "I'm sorry to say this, but you will have to pay us $250 to get it replaced" My face went pale and I couldnt believe what i was hearing! But then my director says "which is why its a good thing a bass trombonist found it last night!" I was speechless but extremely happy at the same time, he gave me the grass-covered slide and i cleaned it off and put back into its horn. I still make jokes about it with my friends!

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  2. That is for sure quiet a funny story you told. Still, the story had it moments. Felt like I am live watching it infront of my eyes.
    He's turn around the world and drive you insane. teen drama shows

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    When I was in HS (we'll leave it at during the 1980's), we marched military style. We had a very precise and quick "horns up." I marched with an older Yamaha 321, but most of the other Euphs marched with an older Besson (don't know which one). Anyway, the horns up for the Euph was moving it from the position where the mouthpiece rested on my right shoulder into a position to play it. Basically, all you did was flick the wrists and after a few times, it was pretty easy. I never will forget at one football game, the guy in a rank behind me and to my right apparently didn't secure his mouthpiece very well, or by holding it on his shoulder it became loose. Either way, during the horns up, the mouthpiece sailed right by my head. At first, I didn't realize what happened, until I heard the proverbial "oh, sh___."

    When we were leaving the field, I told an assistant director that there was a mouthpiece out there on the field and they better find it before a football player finds it on a tackle. Without saying a word, he showed me the mouthpiece in his hand and asked me who it belonged to!


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