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Thread: Doug Elliot Euph J

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    Doug Elliot Euph J

    Been on a big hunt for the best mouthpiece for the new Yamaha 642 Neo.

    So far, my Doug Elliott Euph J with the J9 shank and a N105 rim is giving me the best sound, sort of like a Wick with more core & focus. Ultimately, I rejected the SM3U for this horn, liked the Heritage 3AL better, but like the DE best.


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    Doug Elliot Euph J

    That great to hear John, the DE's are getting more popular over here too, as you know, they work well on all my old Euphs as well as the Willson.

    Just fine-tuned a set up to work on a rare Salvation Army Super-Triumphonic (they don't use names like that anymore!) 4v comp Euph. It has a slightly under sized euro shank receiver of that time.

    Made in 1964 under license from B & H, some 6 years later they brought out the SA factory.


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    Doug Elliot Euph J

    Went one size smaller to a euph I cup, and added some brightness up high. I may have found my perfect mouthpiece.

    What I am now playing is the Doug Elliott

    Euph N104 rim, I cup, I9 shank.

    This is almost exactly like the SM3U in size, but for me, much better in all areas. Especially interesting was that I have gained one level of dynamic range on both ends, FFFF and PPPP, plus a more open sound, and better response on the extreme high and low range over the SM3U.

    Now everyone is different and what works for me won't necessarily work for you. But the money back guarantee makes these somewhat expensive (well, they are handmade) mouthpieces worth trying.

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    Doug Elliot Euph J

    That's good too hear John, glad it works for you.

    I have 2 or 3 students/friends on DE mouthpieces that are working out nicely.

    I shall be stocking up on parts when I'm over in Richmond in April next year.


  5. Doug Elliot Euph J

    With all due respect to the Senior Member - Im tempted to sell the house and go buy every new horn, every new mouthpiece and possible combination in search of that illusive open sound, better response and FFFFFF/PPPPPP. Could I possibly reach that triple treble clef high "C" ?

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    Doug Elliot Euph J

    Thanks Charley. It's nice to be at the end of a search

    Ron, with respect, I enjoyed your post of a while back. Done a bit of your own searching, no?

    "Time for a little early spring-cleaning. I have far too many mouthpieces. Here are a few gently used euph mouthpieces. All are clean and in excellent condition. All are large shank size. PM me if interested. You pay shipping.

    SM4 Silver $40
    Denis Wick Heritage $40
    SM3 Silver $40
    SM3 Gold $45
    Denis Wick 3al Gold $45
    Giardinelli 1GM $25
    Giardinelli SYMB $25


  7. Doug Elliot Euph J

    Ha! Good one! Sold all of them at a yard sale - couldnt get much more than $5 ea. Traded one for a gold Bach 7c. And the hunt continues.

    (Actually never found a better mouthpiece than the Wick 3al).

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    Doug Elliot Euph J

    Yeah, I never had much luck selling mouthpieces either. A few sold, but most didn't.

    I've been looking for the best mouthpiece for me in the SM3/3Al size range. The 3al is a great piece; not surprised that you never found a better one.



  9. Doug Elliot Euph J

    I too like the Doug Elliot mouthpieces. They are very high quality and seem to feel natual in the horn. That being said, the one I bought in the 90's (LT102/I/I9) is now incompatible with Doug's current make of parts. Doug had told me that he had switched to different threads or blanks or whatever. One of the reasons I bought the DE was that I could change the mouthpiece setup as I changed as a player without having to buy a whole new mouthpiece.

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    Doug Elliot Euph J

    No, I'm not sure what you misunderstood but actually everything is still compatible - I just improved my designs. You can get any new part and it will fit perfectly and play well with the parts you have.

    I probably suggested that you try the XT series, which is a slightly more open feeling version, and the rim and cup are not compatible with the LT series.

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