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Thread: Best Schlike Mouthpiece?

  1. Best Schlike Mouthpiece?

    I own the Yamaha YEP-321S horn, which while great, has a small shank receiver. I want to buy a Schlike small shank mouthpiece, but which is best for euphonium? I have heard the 51D, but I want a really full warm tone, so would a 52 size be best for me?

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    Best Schlike Mouthpiece?

    It really depends on the person. 51D is a great euphonium mouthpiece with a full and warm sound for some people. I wouldn't go much bigger in overall volume than a 4AY or a 51D on a YEP321, though, as I believe it's kind of an overmatch for the instrument.


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    Best Schlike Mouthpiece?

    Can't go wrong with a Schilke on a euphonium.

    It really depends on how far along your chops are developed as to which mouthpiece you should get, if you go too big too early, IMO you're doing yourself a disservice.

    Personally I really like the 52D for euph and the 51D for trombone.

  4. Best Schlike Mouthpiece?

    Interestingly, on my small shank euph, the 52 worked best but on the large shank, I found a 51D worked best...and I am primarily a tuba player.

    If you care, I have found the 69C4 is a great tuba mouthpiece!


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