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Thread: Bell Front euphoniums

  1. Bell Front euphoniums

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum and have recently become interested in the bell front euphoniums. I'm wondering, what are the best models currently on the market? Are they king diplomats, yamaha 211, holtons, etc? I would greatly appreciate the feedback, thanks.

  2. Bell Front euphoniums

    Best ones currently on the market are:

    1. For Austrian/German Bellfront-bariton do a Google Search on "Bellfront-bariton".
    An example would be a custom Lechner or Thomann.- lots of $$$$
    2. Used 4-valve King 2266 or Conn 24i on eBay.
    3. Used Besson New Standard 3-valve on eBay
    4. Anything else....

    Sterling Virtuoso 1065HGS & Adams E3 Prototype 0.70 Top Sprung valves
    Sterling Virtuoso 1050HGS baritone
    New England Brass Band
    Winchendon Winds/Townsend Military Band

  3. Bell Front euphoniums

    Thanks a lot for that list; that clears up things for me. I'll check these out.


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