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Thread: TEXAS: Dallas Repair Shops

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    TEXAS: Dallas Repair Shops

    On the Yahoo Groups list a member asked about a repair shop in the Dallas area. One response so far:

    Eric Edwards is a mighty fine repair tech.

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    Adams Artist (Adams E3)
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  2. Dallas, Texas, Repair Shops

    I have certainly heard of some great work by Eric.

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    Dallas, Texas, Repair Shops: Pro Instrument Repair

    Thanks for this listing. I used Eric to fix a tuning slide that had gotten dinged when it slipped out on it's own while I was walking with the instrument. As it turns out, Eric lives just around the corner, which was a pleasant surprise, since the only shop in town recently closed down.

    Eric not only fixed my ding while I waited (and got to watch... cool process!) he tweaked the slide so that it fit better and won't be attempting to flee my out of tune playing by hurling itself to the floor next time.

    Great work, very nice guy, (typical low brass player's sense of humor, too...) very reasonable rates. He had a beautiful silver Besson on the workbench when I came in... ah, someday.

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