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Thread: Wanted: Wilson 2975 (or Canadian Brass model)

  1. Wanted: Wilson 2975 (or Canadian Brass model)

    It has become difficult to play a euphonium with upward-facing valves becuase of osteo-artiritis in my Rt hand. Looking for a compensating horn with front-facing valves. To my knowlege, Wilson is the only one made, model 2975 or (Canadian Brass model), or the older Marzan. Don't want to settle for the non-compensating King 2268. Anyone know where I can get the Wilson, preferably (but not necessarily) used?

  2. Wanted: Wilson 2975 (or Canadian Brass model)

    A Canadian Brass Willson just sold on eBay for $3895. These come up for auction (or sale) VERY rarely. I think I have seen no more than one or two a year on the combination of Tubenet, this site and eBay (I monitor all of these).

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    Wanted: Wilson 2975 (or Canadian Brass model)

    FWIW, the store (in Kansas) that just sold the one on eBay has a bunch more. I think they had some sort of arrangement with Getzen to get a bunch of these discontinued instruments.

    I wouldn't recommend working with them, though... I've felt like I got royally screwed on every transaction I've ever had with them.


  4. Wanted: Wilson 2975 (or Canadian Brass model)

    I have a Marzan (2875's predecessor) I might sell if the price were right. Someone in this forum a while back said that Willson put the 2975's main tuning slide in a more conventional location because of balance issues. I've played the Marzan for several years now and have not found balance to be a problem. Let me know if you're interested. Be glad to post some photos.
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    Wanted: Wilson 2975 (or Canadian Brass model)

    There is a CB30 listed now on ebay:
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    Wanted: Wilson 2975 (or Canadian Brass model)

    This eBay listing ended 3/13/11 and the horn sold for $4550. The store that listed it (BAC Horn Doctor) also had another (which I bought), but they may have others. Apparently, they had a quite a few of them; they also sold one on eBay last November. It's worth a shot.

    By the way, I had much success with them. The owner, Mike, worked with me and shipped the horn very quickly.

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    What are your opinions on how these Marzan/ Wilson 2975 EUph's play. Is there an issue with most of the valve tubing and main tuning slide facing upwards?
    I saw pics of one and it had only one spit valve( I believe) off the tubing coming out of the valve block/ 4th valve.
    What are the Stats, the Bell and bore sizes? Does it use a Euro Shank or Bass Trb Shank?
    What other Euphonium, Past or Present, would you compare it to for playing Characteristics?
    Thanks, John
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    I had one briefly for ten months. The condensate valve was located on the first bend of the output tubing and amazingly all liquid accumulated there (probably due to most of the valve slides aiming up). I hardly ever had to pull the lower valve slides for draining. The tuning slide was easy to reach and manipulate with the left hand, and could be moved like a manual trigger. It had a large shank receiver on it. For playing characteristics, it was identical to my section principal player's Willson 2900. We were both out of tune in the high register, but at least we were together! She has to frequently pull two or three slides to drain condensate, but I could do so with just one water key blow. For stats and dimensions, it is the same as the 2900.

    I have two of the Wessex horns of the similar layout, the Festivo and Duplex. Both are closer to being in tune across the registers especially in the higher range. I can easily hit the B and C above the TC staff on the duplex, but for some reason I struggle to hit the A and above on the Festivo, which is essentially the same horn with less tubing.

    Someone at the Chicago Midwest Band Clinic had a picture of the Willson booth on Facebook last month and there was a 2975 on display. I contacted Willson and the stateside Getzen rep to see if this was a new release of the 2975. They indicated that this is still the same horn and you can order these brand new from the factory. 4 to 5 month delivery time and retailing for $10.9K. You can place the order through any local Getzen dealer.
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