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Thread: Besson Prestige 2052 (Trigger)

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    Besson Prestige 2052 (Trigger)

    First off I like to apologize on my lack of knowledge on how to correctly dismantle a Besson Prestige 2052. I just want to do things right the first time and not have to panic if I break anything . If anyone can take the time and write down the instructional steps/link/video it would be greatfully appreciated.

    I purchased my Besson 2052 around 7-8 months ago and realized there was no instructions that came with my horn about dismantling it. I've been dreading this time for awhile now. It is finally time to give my horn a "bath". I have the correct tools that came with my horn. I have the tools to unscrew many objects but I have a concern about the dismantling the trigger to avoid getting my coil/springs wet. So any help/information will be amazing!

    Also I have searched the forum for the best way to clean my instrument. Thanks to this forum I have chosen the garden hose method in a plastic storage container to bathe my horn. I also just purchased the H.W. Brass-Saver and a can of Hagerty's Silver Spray Polish and I am quiet excited to use these methods/products!

    Thank You!

  2. Besson Prestige 2052 (Trigger)

    DO NOT dismantle the trigger! Repeat, do not dismantle the trigger assembly. Just unsnap the tuning slide and remove it. You can then unscrew the push rod from the trigger lever using the special TORX tool that should have come with your horn or perhaps just unscrew it using the knurled thumb lock. This will keep it from flopping around as you clean your horn.

    Leave the rest of the trigger assembly in place. There is a very long thin pivot screw that holds the trigger to the body of the horn. If you take that out, it is extremely difficult to put the trigger lever back in place against the pressure of the spring. I know from experience. You risk scratching and damaging your horn.

    After you bath your horn, just make sure you dry everyuthing well with a very soft cloth. I usually then use a bit of Hetman's slide oil on the trigger pivot points and ball joints as I reassemble everything.

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