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    I was browsing through ebay and was looking at older horns like Boosey & Co Solbron Euphonium and noticed the intricate bell engravings. The engravings add such beauty to the horn. Sorry for my lack of knowledge on this, but were these standard engravings? or did you have to pay a premium for them?

    These designs are aesthetically pleasing but are they just for looks/trademark design from the company? It seems like they don't make euphoniums as they used to.

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    These designs varied. Some manufacturers, like Conn, had their own custom engraving department and for a price would do extra work. Often, the designs were standardized (such as the Conn "Lady") and represented some kind of logo for the company. For the most part, by the 1960's or so, the elaborate engraving was a thing of the past, though one can still see some pretty elaborate stuff on some high end makes of smaller instruments such as the Shires trombones or custom trumpets.

    For a while, Besson/Boosey & Hawkes used a stamped logo (the Round Stamp of the mid-70's to mid-80's) instead of an engravied logo. These days, the engraving on bells is mostly done using laser etching. Much cleaner and more uniform, but generally a much smaller engraving.

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    If I remember correctly, some companies today will do custom engraving on any horn if the horn is in for overhall or refinishing. So you CAN have that classic look on a modern horn for an extra fee.

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    Try this company. I know some flute friends that use them for custom work.


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    Sherry Huntley and Jay Dumars do custom hand-engraving of brass instruments.

    Master engraver Ken Hurst, who is a legend in the gun and knife world, has recently taken an interest in engraving musical instruments. (In addition to individual commissions, Ken's clients include Winchester, Colt, Ruger, Walther, and Harrington & Richardson.) Here are a couple of images of his work:


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    Thank you everyone for your wealth of knowledge on this topic!


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