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Thread: ....and the winner is Miraphone 5050

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    ....and the winner is Miraphone 5050

    Well my son spent about 3 hours at Dillon's this morning playing the Prestiges against the Miraphone 5050.

    From the second he started playing the Miraphone they seemed to choose each other. He really loved the whole "feel" of the horn and was pretty blown away by the whole responsiveness it provided, both the valves and through his lips.

    It is a substantial piece of machinery for sure, certainly the heaviest euph I've ever lifted.

    What surprised me as a listener was the way the 5050 competed well between the Bessons taking their bell sizes into account. I found that he could play a soulful solo piece with very little effort and then blow the walls off if he had to.

    He was very comfortable holding the horn, liked the "ergonomic" finger buttons and we both liked the overall look of the horn. He also appreciated the "open" trigger guard on the 5050. He did not like the plastic plate on the Bessons.

    The new Miraphone case fits really well and it has wheels to boot !!

    I struck a good deal with Dillon with trades, always a great bunch of guys to visit with as well.

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    ....and the winner is Miraphone 5050

    Congrats on your son's new Miraphone!

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    ....and the winner is Miraphone 5050

    I thought that might be the case when your son got a chance to play one. The 5050 is a wonderful instrument; its purity of tone and responsiveness won me over the from the first few notes.


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    ....and the winner is Miraphone 5050

    It's interesting that with all the instruments that my kids own at this stage I have found that the instrument chooses the player. My daughter's flute and pic, this euph and those before, his trombone, you sort of know almost with the first note that they are a pair.

  5. ....and the winner is Miraphone 5050

    Congrats on finding a "match" and on making a good deal on it. I would be interested in updates, since that horn is one I would look hard at if I were playing the euphonium more than the tuba.


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