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Thread: Comparison of the Schilke 51D?

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    Comparison of the Schilke 51D?

    I love my schilke 51D but I am trying to find just a tad bit bigger inner diameter of the mouthpiece.

    The throat is fine, the rim is fine, the backbore is fine. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions I could try. Cup size is great too.

    Please tell me your opinions on what you think!


  2. Comparison of the Schilke 51D?

    Schilke 52D, Wick 5AL, Wick SM5.

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    Comparison of the Schilke 51D?

    Try this link:

    Mouthpiece Comparison

    It is a list of mouthpieces within 10% of the diameter of the 51D. That mp is 25.55, so look for a larger number for the diameter. For example, James mentioned the 52D - its diameter is 25.78 and it's in the list.

    On these pages, you can just click any size diameter you see to get a list of mp's around that same size, so you can push the field up or down by doing a little clicking.

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  4. Comparison of the Schilke 51D?

    Isn't the Wick 4.5 about the same cup diam as the Schilke 52D? Could be another candidate.

    If you want to take on a little bigger increment, you could consider the Schilke 52E2 or the Yamaha 53H (25.91mm).

    The Yam 53H has a somewhat larger throat than your 51D (.280 vs. .277), but a moderate backbore. I went straight from a 51D to the Yam 53H, found the size difference manageable, and liked the sound as well. You could try one ... they're cheap and readily available.

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    Comparison of the Schilke 51D?

    Thanks all for the reply... especially Mr. Werden and your chart that you found for me. I really appreciate the time and effort!

    - James


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