Hello Everyone,

I'm posting an email message on behalf of my friend, Brian Davis.



Please see below:


Friends and Colleagues,

Please forward this email to as many trombone friends as possible

It seems I'm snake bit, as it were. Last night my garage was broken into and two of my favorite trombones were taken:

1.)Schmelzer model #1. 1994 model. This is a gold plated .500 bore jazz bone. The perps took this horn out of the case and left the case but did take the circa 1950 King 11M mouthpiece with it. The horn has very intricate flower pattern engraving on the bell which is very distinctive. From a distance the #1's look like the old Williams trombones.

2.)Silver plate Getzen valve trombone. This was Rich Matteson's personal horn, although I've had it since 1993. I'm really sick about this loss. The horn is irreplaceable in sentimental value and in playing characteristic. The horn was custom made for Rich around 1976. This horn was taken in the black cordura Reunion blues gig bag.

I'm still tracking down the serial numbers for these instruments but I couldn't delay getting this information out any longer. I don't believe anyone else in the DFW metroplex is currently playing either of these type of instruments.

they may end up in a pawn shop but they may also end up on Craig's List in another city.

If there are any leads please call @ (972) 768-2082 or email at
davisfamily1 at juno dot com, or brian.davis at pisd dot edu.

Brian Davis