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Thread: Best Chinese euph

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    I recently bought a new Wessex Dolce, and am very happy with it. There are few dealers who can compare with Wessex in offering Western style customer service, while selling you a comparatively inexpensive Chinese stencil. And their quality control is excellent.

    I have not had dealings with Jim Laab myself, but the blogosphere is filled with warnings about that dealer.

    Bottom line, you can pay twice as much for a Wessex, but when you have to replace a cheaper instrument in a year or two, you are already paying twice as much.

    I do not own stock in, nor work for Wessex. I am just a satisfied customer.😀

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    I bought a Mack Brass Euphonium in 2016. I've had zero problems with it. My oldest used it for two years of High School and I have it back now and play in church almost weekly. Its a nice horn at a great price. (Prices are unchanged since I purchased in 2016). At $995 for a silver plated horn it is a great deal in my opinion.
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  3. A little late to this party, but as I was play testing euphoniums before buying my Adams I was really impressed by the Wessex Dolce's overall tone and intonation. I felt like it had a pretty free-blowing feel, solid (nothing to really write home about) pedals/compensating register, and nice high tones. It's a little more than $600 (I'm seeing $1200-1500 USD brand new). I have a classmate that got one in college and she still plays on the instrument and performs regularly in our region, and it does well in front of orchestras, though I find it struggles a bit to project in front of a wind ensemble. Playing in the ensemble as the euphonium part doesn't seem to be an issue, though.

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    I agree fully with Davidus1 about the Mack. I had one for a while and it was a solid performer. I used in several brass groups/wind ensembles and received positive feedback in all of them.
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    I've been very pleased with my Mack brass euphonium. Great value for the price.

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