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Thread: High School Audition

  1. High School Audition

    Hi i am auditioning for my high school symphonic band and would like to know if there are any pieces of music that are cheap preferably grade 3 for euphonium that could be learned in a few days.

    Thanks for the help

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    High School Audition

    You're cutting it close! I would suggest the Curnow Rhapsody, an original work for euphonium. Not too difficult but still sounds nice! It can show off your nice sound in the opening and your technique in the later parts.

    Curnow Rhapsody

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  3. High School Audition

    I listened to the piece and it sound good and manageable. Do you know where i might be able to buy and download the sheet music online?


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    High School Audition

    Click on the link that Dave Werden provided

    edit: oops, I see you want to download the sheet music! You might have to listen to it for a few weeks before you get the music... might not be a bad thing!

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    High School Audition

    I like Dave's suggestion. It's one of those pieces that sounds harder than it is.

  6. High School Audition

    For the same thing you can visit Websites, which will give you more help for the same.

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