I attended a state college band concert that featured solos by the tubist for the San Francisco Symphony and the concert finale was the Stars and Stripes with the kicker that the tubist played the piccolo part with a piccoloist on each knee. That looked like such a great idea. A few years passed until I finally got my chance to do this on euphonium, I was going to junior college and we had a combined concert with the other JC in the district. We had a open air dress rehearsal for the college kids everything went well. When I arrived at the band room that night for the concert in the theater I found that someone in the JC admin had deemed that my knees should be separated from the nubile posteriors of the piccoloists by a small pillows obviously purchased from the campus bookstore. We did not get far into the trio when the blond on my left knee began to slip, I detached my left hand from my Conn 25i to prevent her fall, landing my hand directly on her left breast and played the rest of the piece single handed (try that on a Besson).