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Thread: Stolen Rudof Meinl 3/4 CC in Annapolis, MD

  1. Stolen Rudof Meinl 3/4 CC in Annapolis, MD

    Over on TubeNet, Christopher Meador posted that he had a Rudolf Meinl 3/4 CC 5 rotor tuba stolen from the Annapolis, MD area earlier in the week. Laquer is stripped, and it has a bell garland. It was waiting repair, so there are some repair issues (a solder joint, I think). I would post a link to his post, which is more detailed than this, but I am a web dork.


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    Stolen Rudof Meinl 3/4 CC in Annapolis, MD

    Thanks Ally for sharing this with the forum. Here's the link to that thread on TubeNet:

    ROBBED!!! Please advise/keep on the lookout!!

    Post with picture of stollen horn (pg 2 of thread)

    Sure hope it's found.
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