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  1. Play That Country Tuba, Cowboy

    Stan Freese recorded a fun, and for sure different piece called Play That Country Tuba, Cowboy with the punk rock group The Vandals. His son is the drummer in the band. Its a take-off of Charlie Daniels' Uneasy Rider, where a concert tuba player stumbles into the wrong place and has to quickly gain respect by playing to the crowd. Its available on iTunes as well as Amazon.

    Check it:
    The Vandals Play Really Bad Original Country Tunes


    oops! Sorry about posting this in the wrong forum.

  2. Play That Country Tuba, Cowboy

    I was given this CD some years ago as a present with the words "you'll love the tuba playing on it". I played only the first couple of tracks, and heard only exactly what the title says - Really Bad Country Music! Thinking my friend had mistaken electric bass for tuba, I put it away, in the corner of my cd collection. It got taken out one night last year, (maybe a few beers were involved), and we finally got to the tuba track. I am not sure if we laughed till we cried, or vice versa. But it is the funniest thing around, you MUST go and listen to it. My eyes fill with tears just thinking about it. Now I'm going to have to put it on the stereo loud, and eddicate the neighbours.........

  3. Play That Country Tuba, Cowboy

    There is a nice mini-bio on Stan Freese (2011 Orange County CA Music Awards ) here:

  4. Play That Country Tuba, Cowboy

    I noticed the excerpt from Carnival of Venice in that vid. Stan performing the full version is on this 1969 double LP, and also years later on the Univ. of Minn. China tour album. The USSR tour version is better, in my opinion, and also the best I've ever heard anyone play it on a tuba. Unfortunately, there are probably few copies of this album available in good condition.


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