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    hello, anybody have any solo sheet music in pdf they don't mind sharing? my tuba library as a student is pretty dwindled. if you don't mind sharing then great, if you do mind...great as well. cheers.

    Brandon Young
    Tuba, Music Education
    Rochester College

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    Guilmant "Morceau Symphonique"

    It's a Trombone/Euphonium solo, though.

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    Originally posted by: byoung hello, anybody have any solo sheet music in pdf they don't mind sharing?

    By law, only the copyright holder may legally share a piece of music that is not in the public domain. If you are not the copyright holder and a piece is not in the public domain, please do not share copies.

    Please note as well that even though a piece of music may be in the public domain, individual arrangements of that piece may still be in copyright, e.g.,the edition of Arban published by J. W. Pepper (1907) is in the public domain, but the Wesley Jacobs (1996) and Bowman/Alessi (2000) editions are not.

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    Thanks to Felix for adding that note. I was going to do something like that myself but didn't have a chance yet today.

    Just to be clear, the moderators may pull down any post that appears to be offering music that is not public domain. There is a bit of older stuff that would be OK, but you probably need to exercise caution with anything showing a copyright newer than the early 1920's.

    I realize you could trade in protected music via email or DM, but I would hope we ALL realize that doing so is not only illegal, but it is absolutely harmful to our collective interest. We WANT to encourage publishers to carry music that we like, and we WANT to encourage composers/arrangers to write it. Lest you think folks are getting rich off euphonium/tuba music, I can assure you that no one is making a lot of money writing/selling this material. Sadly, we are in a small market, almost of the "niche-size" category. Taking away a percentage of the potential market by "sharing" CAN have an impact on how much new stuff we see and even on how much older stuff continues to be available.

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