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Thread: Best band music for euphonium

  1. I realize this is an old thread but being new here I had to answer it.

    The Holst suites are a given (I've only played the first, in a wind ensemble where I was the only euphonium; it was heaven). I'll add Holst's Jupiter from The Planets onto that list as well.
    Here are a few other favorites:

    The Universal Judgement by Camille DeNardis
    Suite of Old American Dances
    West Point Symphony - Dvorak
    Overture to Colas Bruegnon -Schostakovich (?)
    Valdres March
    Coronation Scene from Boris Gudnov
    Eternal Father Strong to Save - Claude T. Smith
    Irish Tune from the County Derry - Grainger.
    Symphonic Suite from Return of the Jedi - Williams
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