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Thread: And When I Die

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    And When I Die

    Dave Bargeron played a great tuba solo on this song by Blood Sweat and Tears.
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    And When I Die

    Dave's solo on "And When I Die" is one of my all time favorite jazz tuba solos. He also played a short but great solo on the track "Go down Gamblin". Dave can also be heard in Howard Johnsons group Gravity. Their CD "Gravity" features Dave on many tuba solos and on one track he plays euphonium. In 2001 a CD called TUBA TUBA was released by Dave and Tubist Michel Godard with a three piece rhythm section. The jazz played on this CD is much more contemporary than the other recordings mentioned. At times it is a-tonal. Over all I highly recommend this CD. It can be ordered on line at Amazon/deutsch. You may need to understand a little german to order on this site and the shipping cost from Europe raises the price a bite but I still feel its worth it. Harry

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    He is a great player! I can't tell what horn he is using. Looks like it might be a Besson EEb? Tremendous solo!

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    This was the best recording of his solo that I've heard.

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    Don't know if it's a Besson, but appears to be a 981 or a 981 clone. Could be one of the German clones. Looks a lot like a Miraphone mouthpiece. But it also could be a 24AW.
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