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Thread: Euphonium Jokes

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    Euphonium Jokes

    Please reply to this message to contribute any good (and clean!!) jokes you have heard about euphoniums or euphonium players.
    Dave Werden (ASCAP)
    Euphonium Soloist, U.S. Coast Guard Band, retired
    Adams Artist (Adams E3)
    Alliance Mouthpiece (DC4)
    YouTube: dwerden
    Facebook: davewerden
    Twitter: davewerden
    Instagram: davewerdeneuphonium

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    Euphonium Jokes

    What do you call a professional euphonium player who does not play in a military band?

    ...sad but true
    Rick Floyd
    Miraphone 5050 - Warburton Brandon Jones sig mpc
    YEP-641S (on long-term loan to grandson)
    Doug Elliott - 102 rim; I-cup; I-9 shank

    "Always play with a good tone, never louder than lovely, never softer than supported." - author unknown.
    Symphonic Band of the Palm Beaches
    Russian Christmas Music (Alfred Reed)
    El Relicario (Jose Padilla; arr. R. Longfield)

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    Euphonium Jokes

    Euphoniumist with a Pager? What do you call a Euphoniumist with a pager?

    ... a consummate optimist!

    Glenn K. Call
    - in sunny Rochester, NY
    Caribbean of the North!

  4. Euphonium Jokes: 2 possibilities

    I have a cartoon showing two women in a kitchen drinking coffee.
    One sez "What instrument does your nephew play?"
    Aunt says "Euphonium"
    One replies "OK, I'll give him a call. I thought you knew."

    How many euphonium players does it take to change a light bulb?
    What the heck's a Euphonium?

  5. Euphonium Jokes: 2 possibilities

    What is the difference between a euphonium player and a large pizza?

    Answer: A large pizza can feed a family of four!!!

  6. Euphonium Jokes

    What is the difference between Euphonium players and Baritone players?

    Answer: Baritone players don't always wine about how they don't play Euphonium!

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    Euphonium Jokes

    How do you keep a euphonium from getting stolen?
    Answer: put it in a tuba case
    hmmm.... maybe this is a tuba joke

  8. Euphonium Jokes

    What happens when turn a Euphoniumist into a conductor and put electricity through it..
    non-stop sparke's (Philip Sparke)

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    Euphonium Jokes

    How do you keep a euphonium player in suspense?

  10. Euphonium Jokes

    What's the difference between a dead euphonium player and a dead snake?
    The snake died on the way to a gig.

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