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Thread: Tuba Jokes

  1. Tuba Jokes

    My brother is a tuba player whereas I am a euphonium have to have a couple good tuba remarks... haha

  2. Tuba Jokes

    A young child returned from his first music lesson on the tuba.

    "How did it go?" asked his father.

    "Great," said the child. "I learned how to play a 'C'."

    The next week the child took another lesson and his father asked about the lesson.

    "Terrific," said the child. "I learned how to play a 'G'."

    The following week the child didn't come home. The father was frantic with
    worry when the child didn't come home until 2:00 AM.

    "Where in heck have you been ," shouted the father.

    "I had a gig!!" answered the son.

  3. Tuba Jokes

    keithbarton, that is HILARIOUS! I almost died laughing! Great jokes though!

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    Tuba Jokes

    What does a high school tuba player get on his/her SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)?


  5. Tuba Jokes

    Two notes on a tuba. One is Bb. The other isn't.

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    Tuba Jokes

    One week after moving into his first apartment, Ed called his mother to complain about his neighbors: "One woman cries all day, another lies in bed moaning, and then there's the guy that keeps banging his head against the wall."

    "You better keep away from them," she said.

    "I am. I stay inside all day playing my tuba."

  7. Tuba Jokes

    You drop a Banjo, an Accordion and a Tuba off the Empire State building. Which one hits the ground first?
    Who cares?

  8. Tuba Jokes

    A tuba player walks into a bar................It cost him $175.00 to have the dent removed.

  9. Tuba Jokes

    One year, we didn't have enough sousa's but a bazillion flutes, so my director decided to move 4 flutes to tuba. When the girls tried to put on the sousa's, only one got the sousa on her. The others requied the help of her friends. The one that got the sousa on by herself was knocked down by wind on the tarmac. Not fiberglass or brass mind you, but shiney silver. This is not a joke. It really happened. I was there and nearly peed myself laughing.

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    Tuba Jokes

    Gene Pokorny of the CSO told this joke last month...

    "There are three kinds of tuba players, one that can count and one that can't."
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