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First Suite in Eb - Gustav Holst

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  • Tubatasm
    Junior Member
    • Aug 2008
    • 18

    First Suite in Eb - Gustav Holst

    If you haven't played First Suite, you are deprived. =P

    It features a Tuba/Euph duet at the beginning, and I think it is a very, very cool song.

    However, in the third movement, the tuba does get the stereotypical dum-dum thing. It's definitely more advanced than you usually run into, seeing as how you're keeping time for everyone else while attempting to move all over you range without having the momentum a long 16-note run gives you.

    Gustav Holst is awesome.
  • MikeCT
    • Oct 2009
    • 39

    First Suite in Eb - Gustav Holst

    Not sure if this is how to link a cross-post but:

    http://www.dwerden.com/talk/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=37&threadid=3802&enterthread =y

    Found the parts available for download online. Add good pro recording and you're playing your favorite piece with a full band.


    • bearphonium
      Senior Member
      • Jan 2007
      • 177

      I finally got the chance to play this piece this summer sitting in with the Ashland City Band. Fun times!