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Yamaha 642S NEO customization

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  • Joan Albiol
    Junior Member
    • Jan 2024
    • 17

    Yamaha 642S NEO customization

    I'm interested in modifying my new Yamaha 642S NEO, but I cannot find any good price-quality products such as valve caps or custom finger buttons.

    I'd like to golden-plate tunning slides too.

    Do you know about any international dealer or someone who can engrave and gold plating my horn?

    Another thing I've been looking for is adding a trigger, and I've found two websites that say they could make this work. These are: https://shop.mtp-music.de/article-de...TRIG-LII1.aspx and https://jeromewiss.com/en/optimisati...ation-service/
  • miketeachesclass
    Senior Member
    • Feb 2016
    • 461

    I'm not sure about plating slides - I know there are shops that can do this, but it may be more money than it's worth.

    Mouthpieceexpress.com sells valve caps and buttons, I believe.

    In terms of adding a trigger, yamaha offers the Neo with a trigger, so it's possible you could get the parts from a shop that has a relationship with yamaha. That's the route I would try first.
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