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Does Besson Sovereign 967 fit the SKB 375 case?

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  • RandyL
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    • Sep 2014
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    Does Besson Sovereign 967 fit the SKB 375 case?

    I've posted a separate thread about the fact that the SKB 375 case does not fit the Besson Prestige 2052 euphonium. As I'm deciding what to do with the case (I hate to spend the money shipping it back and ask the seller to accept a return, since I feel responsible for buying it without doing sufficient homework to make sure it would work), I'm thinking of one of my sons who plays a Sovereign 967 and had his case damaged by airline handling. Neither the manufacturer nor the dealer from which I purchased the case (Music 123) can tell me whether the 967 will fit this case. I'm sure that the 12" bell diameter is fine, and I imagine the overall length of the horn is fine as well. The problem with the 2052 was that the top and bottom bows did not both fit the recesses provided for them.

    If anyone is using the SKB 375 for a 967 and finding it a good fit, I'd love to know about it so I'll know what to tell my son. He lives a couple of states away, so we can't just try popping the horn into the case. I also have a contact at Besson I can check with; if he gives me good information I'll post again here.

    By the way, here's a picture of the case as an aid to identification:
    Click image for larger version

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