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Personal experiences with Anvil euphonium case?

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  • RandyL
    Senior Member
    • Sep 2014
    • 197

    Personal experiences with Anvil euphonium case?

    I'm looking at the Anvil euphonium case online http://cases2go.com/RIA-S-02802063-A...Euphonium.aspx. Priced between the SKB and Bonna cases. I can see how a boxy case might be less subject to excessive forces during baggage handling, particularly at the bell end. But of course boxy also means bulky. Anyone have personal experience toting one of these around? Weight issues? Awkward handle placement? Uncomfortable handle shape or material? comments on general construction quality and durability?


  • davewerden
    • Nov 2005
    • 11138

    I think they are great protection, but I'm not tough enough to deal with it. You have to consider if it will be charged oversize rates for luggage (never checked on that), fitting it in your transportation to the airport and once you land somewhere (rental car?), schlepping it around the airport, among other things.

    They could fit wheels on it I'm sure, but then there is more vulnerability. You could use a fold-up cart of some kind.

    I might want to buy one big enough to hold the horn in its gig bag for convenience once I park the thing in my room or elsewhere.

    Price is very reasonable for the amount of protection!
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    • nc_amateur_euph
      Junior Member
      • Dec 2013
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      I bought one and used it to take my Besson 967 to ITEC in Lahti, Finland in 2001. My teacher at the time also used it to get his Besson to ITEC in Budapest a few years later. I had no horn damage issues nor did my teacher. It has wheels on one end and a pull-out handle at the other end. I don't recall the oversize/overweight charges but the rules have changed since 2001 anyway. I can confirm Dave's cautions about handling it in the airport and (especially) in ground transport at your destination - it is a beast, won't fit a lot of places, and is inconvenience personified. I chalked it up to the price of protection.

      As to gig bag - on the trip to Finland, I wanted my Reunion Blues bag for use during ITEC, so I packed clothes in it and checked it. Adam Frey was on the same flight into Helsinki, saw the gig bag coming off the baggage conveyor, and just about croaked, thinking someone checked a horn in a gig bag. I relieved his concerns right away. But I saw him age ten years before my very eyes.


      • RandyL
        Senior Member
        • Sep 2014
        • 197

        Good story. And a good thought about how to have a hard case for travel and gig-bag convenience at the destination. I'll pass that along to my son, who, rather than myself, is the real traveler. From what I can see on the Anvil website, the wheels are an option with this case. It sounds like a good option for transport, but then there's that much more exposure to damage by mishandling. Anyway, we've gone ahead and ordered the SKB 375 that I posted a separate thread about on this forum. So for me the case (ahem!) is closed at this point, but other readers may appreciate further input on the thread.


        • tonewheeler
          Senior Member
          • Dec 2010
          • 460

          Having owned several Anvil cases for applications other than a horn----HEAVY and perhaps a bit overkill. If you go with that option--get wheels. I'd look at an SKB or Bonna.

          As an aside, I travelled to Spain with my college band with the standard Yamaha 321 case and never had one scratch. Minnesota to NY to Spain and back. Again, it was the 80's and horns weren't nearly as expensive as they are today- so I probably wouldn't do that now.
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