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Flying with my Euph

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  • daviste
    • Jan 2016
    • 117

    Flying with my Euph

    For the last couple weeks I was in Europe performing with a band that consisted of members from all over the state. And in April, my high school band went to Disneyland for some clinics and a few performances. Now that I'm back in the U.S. and all of these flights are over with, I'd like to share my experiences.

    I packed my horn with bubblewrap and foam in the bell to fill the space between the bell of the instrument and the padding of the case. This was to prevent my horn from rattling.

    I don't recall what airlines we used when we went on the Disneyland trip, but my horn made it to and from and without a scratch.

    For the Europe trip, we flew on Delta Airlines. On the flight there, my euph was not damaged but my SKB hard case did take a minor hit. The plastic on one of the latches has a small "dent" in it, and the bottom part of the latch is bent down at an slight angle. However, it still works just fine. While we were in Europe, our cases were put on a trailer and we were bussed around everywhere. At some point in traveling my euph must've taken a fairly large hit. My 3rd valve slide brace was loose and I noticed it in the middle of the concert. I don't think this should be a difficult fix for a repair tech.

    On the flight back from Europe, I am pleased to say the only damage my horn had was what occurred in Europe.
    I was very happy that Delta Airlines and the TSA agents (who aren't always the brightest people) were successful in not screwing up my instrument.

    My euph goes to the shop tomorrow to get cleaned, polished, some small dents removed, and that third valve slide brace fixed.
    T.J. Davis

    Wessex Dolce
    G&W Kadja
  • enhite
    Senior Member
    • May 2012
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    Congratulations. After all the stories about abuse it's great to hear of something going right.


    • RickF
      • Jan 2006
      • 3871

      Good to read a successful (or mostly successful) travel story with your horn.
      Rick Floyd
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      "Always play with a good tone, never louder than lovely, never softer than supported." - author unknown.
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      • jdbyrd
        Junior Member
        • Jun 2007
        • 5

        My SKB was damaged by the airlines. I took it to the SKB plant (live nearby), and before I could tell them the story, they replaced it, no questions asked, no charge!