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Help a clueless college student on flying with new instrument

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  • Eingram24
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    • Aug 2015
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    Help a clueless college student on flying with new instrument


    I'm an incoming college freshman and just bought my own instrument(Yamaha 842TS). I'm fairly clueless on how to go about choosing a case to travel with and the logistics of it all even after reading several threads on this forum. I do not trust checking the instrument at all since a nearby high school had a Sovereign damaged a few years back(in a Besson case). I'm travelling to Hartford, CT for college and chose Southwest as I know I can get overhead space without an issue. I would only like to bring one case to college and preferably have the case with backpack straps since I'll be lugging it around in the snow for a mile and carrying it on buses 3 times a week. My worry here is that I find a gig bag I like and then I am forced to check the instrument, leading to damage. Can I also get kind of a step by step with dealing with TSA? I really like the look and practical aspect of the Fusion bag for me(https://www.fusion-bags.com/products...honium-gig-bag) as it has the backpack straps and has plenty of storage space which I would need with carrying this instrument around for college. I'd like y'all's thought on the Fusion bag and assurances that it would fit my instrument as well as the overhead bin. If not, I'm open to any suggestions!

    Thank you for your time!
    YEP-842TS, SM4X mouthpiece
  • davewerden
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    I've seen some older Fusion bags do not-so-well in the durability department, but the new ones look like they will be better. Note this comment in one of the reviews (which I believe I have also heard from the manufacturer):

    Bag is very good, but little bit small for my daughters Jupiter xo-euphonium (large bell). Without inner bag it fits fine.
    Without the inner bag you would lose some protection I assume.

    For soft bags, the leather Chronkhite is the industry leader. Many pros use it.

    In hard cases, the best bet was the Marcus Bonna case, which come with backpack straps.

    Nowadays it's looking like the Wiseman carbon fiber case is the best bet. See my review here, and be sure to read the added text at the bottom:

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    • bbocaner
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      • May 2009
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      TSA isn't your problem, it's airline gate agents mostly you need to be concerned with. With southwest, mostly they don't care, but if there isn't room on the plane they are going to make you gate check it. 737 doesn't have a coat closet and some of the overheads are larger than others. You can pay extra with southwest to be in the "A" group for boarding and it's well worth it for making sure there is space. It also helps if it's your only bag you are carrying on. Check everything else. If anyone gives you a hard time about the size, you can point out it's your only carry-on. They are more likely to give you a hard time if you're trying to bring a suitcase AND a euphonium.