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Try a 4th ABC for Yourself - anywhere in the World!

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  • Chris Waters
    • Jul 2020
    • 25

    Try a 4th ABC for Yourself - anywhere in the World!

    Indeed, you can try a Glenn Van Looy 4th ABC for yourself - anywhere in the world on one month approval, with a full purchase price refund if it's not for you (but that's only happened twice out of the thousand-plus we've sold!).

    Nothing to loose and lots to gain . . . .

    Available for all Makes and Models of Euphoniums - Adams - Besson Prestige (German Made) - Besson Prestige (UK Made) - Besson Sovereign (German Made) - Besson Sovereign (UK Made) - Besson New Standard Castle Tops (UK Made) - Boosey & Hawkes Sovereign (UK Made) - Boosey & Hawkes Sovereign Globe Round Stamp (UK Made) - Boosey & Hawkes Imperial (UK Made) - Boosey & Co Imperial Class A Solbron (UK Made) - Eastman - Geneva - Gear-4-Music - Hirsbrunner - John Packer JP - John Packer JP Sterling - Mack - Meister Walter Nirschl - Miraphone - Sterling Virtuoso - Shires & Co - Thomann - Wessex - Willson - Yamaha (All Models) - York.

    Made by us in the UK and all in stock, with shipping within 24 hours of order.

    All details on our website:- www.heavybottomcaps.co.uk

    Chris Waters
    Lead Engineer at Heavy Bottom Caps

  • iMav
    Senior Member
    • May 2011
    • 1322

    Not only a great product, but a great company as well!

    Chris is top shelf.
    Valley City Community Band
    Valley City State University Concert Band
    2024 North Dakota Intercollegiate Band (you're never too old!)

    Larry Herzog Jr.

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