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ILLINOIS (Northern) / Southern Wisconsin

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  • fitchjordan
    Junior Member
    • Dec 2009
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    ILLINOIS (Northern) / Southern Wisconsin

    Recently took an Ebay "find" (1918 Martin 4-valve non compensating Euphonium) with a significant and unexpected dent in it to Jerry Disney at Stateline instrument repair in South Beloit, IL.

    Stateline Instrument Repair

    Phone: (815) 389-4380
    FAX: (815) 389-1872 )

    I called ahead and Jerry told me that he does all work by appointment so that he has enough time to go over the instrument with the customer. We set an appointment for the same day and he in fact spent 45 minutes with me. He evaluated the Euph and explained to me why this particular dent repair would be difficult and labor intensive and suggested that the instrument would be playable if I could live with the cosmetics of it. He showed me existing repairs on the instrument and evaluated the quality and condition of these repairs and showed me areas to keep any eye on for possible internal corrosion. When I asked about cleaning and polishing of the Euph he told me that Ultrasonic cleaning would not remove the tarnish. If he were to polish the instrument it would be done by hand with treated polishing cloths. He suggested that I could save money if I was willing to put in some time and elbow grease, then proceeded to give me a how-to demonstration on removing tarnish from tight spaces on the instrument. He also pointed out where the previous owner had used a liquid or paste polishing compound and had left residue between tubes and around braces. He checked the valves, verifying that the previous owner had installed new felts correctly. He replaced the water key corks which had not been replaced and checked and re-greased the slides and replaced a 4th valve button that was missing its inlay.
    He fixed this all during our appointment. I left with a playable (but still dented) instrument and the knowledge and supplies to improve the appearance significantly. Jerry seemed as concerned about watching my budget as I was. He could have sold me cleaning, polishing and dent repair, but chase instead to talk through it with me and give me the pluses and minuses of  the options. I left having spent very little and gaining a lot of knowledge.

    According to his website, Jerry has 31 years of experience in instrument repair; started doing wholesale repairs for music shops in 1977; and opened the business to the public in 1996. He has a music education degree and started his career as a  school band director. I was very impressed with his knowledge and customer service. I think I've found my instrument repair shop.
  • Euphdad
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    • Aug 2007
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    Northern Illinois / Southern Wisconsin

    Always good to have a repair shop where you can trust the tech to be straight forward and honest about the work.