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Rafael Mendez - The Lost Recordings

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  • davewerden
    • Nov 2005
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    Rafael Mendez - The Lost Recordings

    This is a playlist I created of recordings of the amazing Rafael Mendez (trumpet). He has made many LP's, which I own, but until recently I did not know he was on many other 78's in a slightly less featured role, but with some really fun playing to offer. IMO there is still no one who has equaled Mendez for his flair - his way of playing musical rubatos and such within difficult technical passages. And his tonguing is also...hmmm...not sure how to describe it. His tonguing is really clear and seems more exciting in a way that many of the current trumpet gods like Sergei Nakariakov.

    Some of these are features from old radio shows, which most of us are not old enough to have heard the first time around. Those pieces are full features for Mendez.

    On some of the vocals you don't hear Mendez until an interlude in the middle. In others he shows up in random places. Carnival IN Venice is the former type.

    I'm linking to my favorite piece, which is just a short clip from the original song. But check out the whole list. The singing is pretty nice, too!

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