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Bass trombone mouthpiece suggestions...

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  • ghmerrill
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    • Dec 2011
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    Originally posted by John Morgan View Post
    I take at least one breath in the middle to complete the final note(s)!!
    I used to be able to do circular breathing on the tuba, but seem to have lost that skill at some point. I sure can't do it now on any instruments I play. Bass trombone is the most difficult for those long low tones -- because there is almost zero resistance. I'm pretty sure it's nothing about my lung capacity or control since I have sat beside much younger players who can't hold those long tones (tuba and euph) as well as I can. But when I'm doing something like playing the Sear tuba duets on the bass trombone, I'm taking a breath about every measure.
    Gary Merrill
    Wessex EEb Bass tuba (DW 3XL or 2XL)
    Mack Brass Compensating Euph (DE N106, Euph J, J9 euph)
    Amati Oval Euph (DE 104, Euph J, J6 euph)
    1924 Buescher 3-valve Eb tuba (with std US receiver), Kelly 25
    Schiller American Heritage 7B clone bass trombone (DE LB K/K10/112/14 Lexan, Brass Ark MV50R)
    1947 Olds "Standard" trombone (Olds #3)


    • hwlentz
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      • Dec 2016
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      If you haven’t already, you might check out trombonechat . com. There are a fair amount of mouthpieces for sale from time to time.