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Conn Falcone model

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  • euphdude
    Senior Member
    • Feb 2006
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    Conn Falcone model

    Hey Guys - are any of you all familiar with this model? Just saw this on ebay. Interesting that it has a tuning slide/water key before the valve block that I've seen on Saxhorns. Click image for larger version

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    - Scott

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  • notaverygoodname
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    • Dec 2019
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    Conn only called this sort of instrument a Euphonium for a small bit of time (maybe 1900? to 1919) before they came to their senses. In reality, this is a Bb Baritone with slightly larger volume and larger bore than the other Baritone models.

    I have a 64I that's only a few years newer and basically the same idea, just 3V top action instead of 4V front action. It is extremely mouthpiece hateful and not exactly fantastic when provided a mouthpiece that actually fits. I never recommend these types of instruments because trying to pair them with a suitable mouthpiece is very difficult, and becomes costly in a hurry. $2100. No mouthpiece. No telling what the receiver is. 0% chance that it is actually common small shank. If you are very lucky, you can find (or already have) a really old Conn-Euphonium mouthpiece, it will fit, and it will play. This is not something that you can just pop in a random 6.5AL and go with no issues.
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    • highpitch
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      • Mar 2006
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      I've never played a euph with leadpipe tuning that kept decent intonation.


      • daruby
        • Apr 2006
        • 2217

        I do not know why this would be called a "Falcone" model. If you look at the pictures of Leonard Falcone from the days of his recordings, he was playing a Conn that was a predecessor to the Connstellation 24i. It was (AFAIK) a regular throw (not short throw) 4 valve with the 4th valve wrap going around the top bow and no spring loaded tuning slide, floating leadpipe, or tuning in the leadpipe.
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