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Carnival De Venice 1899 Black Dyke Mills Band

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  • Euphie._.
    Junior Member
    • Dec 2023
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    Carnival De Venice 1899 Black Dyke Mills Band

    Hi all,

    i was wondering if anyone would happen to know who the soloist is on this recording this person sounds like a euphonium or baritone in this recording and i just love their vibrato and flare if anyone knows who this player is please let me know. You can search for this recording on spotify



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  • John Morgan
    • Apr 2014
    • 1885

    I think maybe John Clough when he was with Black Dyke in the late 60's through the 80's.
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    • DEF1
      • Apr 2018
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      I can’t open Spotify but is it the same version as this YouTube clip with John Clough playing?

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      • Snorlax
        Senior Member
        • Mar 2007
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        1899 or 1989 or 1999 or...? I don't have a Spotify account. Recording technology in 1899 would have been beyond primitive-- recording into large cardboard-based cones directly onto one-off masters would have been state of the art then in the USA (first early recordings were indeed direct-to-disk!) no idea about the UK....In any case, the chances of such a disk surviving over a century is virtually nil, nor could any technology extract useful sound from it after over 120 years.
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        • DEF1
          • Apr 2018
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          I think the 1899 refers to the Carnival in Venice in 1899 which the music refers too.
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          • SteveMcGovern
            • Mar 2006
            • 97

            Spotify lists 1899 in the album metadata, not the song metadata. But the recording is clearly a higher fidelity than 1899.

            Discogs says the album (Carnival of Venice, 1970-1) is a re-release of The Virtuoso Band (1967). It lists John Clough as soloist.


            edit: John Clough is also credited on the Carnival of Venice album jacket.
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