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Sousa's most difficult march

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  • SpartyEuph
    Junior Member
    • Oct 2020
    • 6

    I haven't yet met "Hands Across the Sea" but will look it up. My candidate for most difficult Sousa march is "The Free Lance" which was in our fall cycle concert folder. My flabby fingers found it challenging, but the more difficult aspect was that I had heard it for years as the downbeat being a pick-up on beat two. Seeing the music for the first time required some re-thinking/re-clocking in my head. I did survive the experience!


    • DaveBj
      Senior Member
      • Oct 2011
      • 1064

      Community Band has "Hands" in the folders for the spring concert. It's not exactly a piece of cake, in my opinion, after the forst read-thru.
      David Bjornstad

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      • cpoet89
        • Mar 2016
        • 56

        My contenders for most difficult Sousa marches, in no particular order:

        Stars and Stripes
        The Rifle Regiment
        Hail to the Spirit of Liberty
        Hands Across the Sea
        The Glory of the Yankee Navy
        The Gallant Seventh
        Bullets and Bayonets