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  • hwlentz
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    • Dec 2016
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    Today in church, the Prelude was a flute/organ arrangement of ‘O God Beyond All Praising’, a hymn arrangement of Holsts’ Thaxted melody used in Jupiter. After the service, I explained to our music director (the organist) that, as lovely as the flautist played, the piece was really meant to be played on euphonium . She said, find an arrangement and we will do it. I found a trumpet/fluegelhorn and organ arrangement that looks quite playable, but I’d like to know if anyone has played an arrangement for solo euphonium and organ that they recommend.

  • RickF
    • Jan 2006
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    I've played a few times with organ accompaniment in church. It works well I think. "Schubert's Serenade" and "Open the Gates to the Temple" come to mind. A good place to look would be Brian Bowman's "Sacred Euphonium" which all are accompanied with organ. I think the CD is still available. You sure can't go wrong copying - or trying to copy - Dr. Bowman.

    I found a link to "Open the Gates to the Temple" by Brian Bowman on YouTube here:


    Here's an old link from ten years ago to my rehearsal in church playing "Schubert's Serenade" and "Open the Gates to the Temple". I only had my M5050 horn for about a month or so then so not perfect. "Open the Gates..." piece is an arr for 'medium-high' voice in 'F'. It is very close to the same arr. that is on Brian Bowman's CD, "Sacred Euphonium" (same key)

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