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  • harleysavoy
    Junior Member
    • Jul 2010
    • 23


    Can anyone offer information on Wessex BR140 vs John Packer JP273 vs the 3 valve schiller compensating baritone?
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  • Sara Hood
    Senior Member
    • Mar 2017
    • 309

    I have the JinBao JBBR1240 that, as I understand it, are what these are cloned from. I have not tried the Wessex, JP, or Schiller versions of it though. Is there anything I can answer for you?

    - Sara
    Baritone - 3 Valve, Compensating, JinBao JBBR1240


    • bbocaner
      Senior Member
      • May 2009
      • 1449

      The Packer is made in a different factory and is a slightly different design. I feel out of those three the wessex is by far the best playing instrument.


      • iMav
        Senior Member
        • May 2011
        • 1322

        From general comparisons between Jinbao and JP horns (trombones and euphoniums are what I have had hands on), I would expect the JP to be a bit nicer…but I haven’t played these baritones.
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        • harleysavoy
          Junior Member
          • Jul 2010
          • 23

          Thank you so far, hope I can get more info. The JP is available a few hundred more than the Wessex which is not available, and the schiller is much lower price making me wonder about the quality. Need for a small 6 piece brass band and it will be used in an Italian band when we play church processions.


          • davewerden
            • Nov 2005
            • 11137

            FYI, I moved this thread out of Forum Rules into a more appropriate place: Euph Brands. We can surely include baritones in this category!
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            • anadmai
              Senior Member
              • Mar 2022
              • 266

              The Sterling brand is the closest you’ll get to a Besson/B&H but they’re not on your list and they’re much more expensive.

              I had debated a Wessex but the British gods of horn shined down on me in favor and a well cared for sterling fell into my lap.

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              • TheJH
                Senior Member
                • Dec 2014
                • 339

                I saw a second-hand York Preference on a local marketplace site which I'm interested in (because I had to give back my Sov to the band that I left), but alas, I don't have a spare €2K laying around atm XD but iirc, York Preference is also a good model if you can get one second hand?
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                • harleysavoy
                  Junior Member
                  • Jul 2010
                  • 23

                  I got a good deal on a JP Sterling, new. I've had it a month and love it.


                  • franz
                    Senior Member
                    • Dec 2015
                    • 392

                    I have had a JP373 for a few years, purchased second hand but practically new, on which I had to shorten the legs of all the slides to be able to play it in tune at A=442. Apart from this, the instrument has a beautiful voice, the valves flow quickly and, overall, it is well built with the exception of the lacquer which quickly wore out in the areas in contact with the hands. I cannot give an opinion on the Wessex baritones as I have never seen any, but I can give a more than positive opinion on my French C tuba TC236 purchased three years ago.
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