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Follow-Up from Tubonium

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Tubonium is over and is was a great succes. Lots of enthusiast performers, competitors,and audience members made it fun to be there. I promised I would provide more information about my recital. First, the articles I referred to are:

Baritone-Euphonium comparison,

Compensating System:

Also, as an encore I played a hymn and descant from a book called "Sixty-One Trumpet Hymns & Descants, Vol. I" by Douglas Smith. (There are also volumes 2 and 3 of this series.) The books have commonly-sung hymns in the keys that are usually in standard hymnals. Each one shows the melody and a descant (counter melody), so you can choose to play either on different verses. The books are published in treble clef (for trumet) or bass clef (for trombone) for about 15 dollars each, and are available from Hope Publishing Company in Illinois, (800) 323-1049. Most of the selections in the trumpet book are appropriate for treble clef euphonium, and the same is true of the trombone books for bass clef euphonium. Many selections from the trombone version would work for tuba in the lower octave (avoid the ones that a more "fanfare" oriented).

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