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Great Tips from Adam Frey: The ART / GAME of Practice

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Most readers here probably know that Adam Frey is a long-time, dedicated educator. He is very articulate about a great many sub-topics in the realm of music practice, and he used these talents to create a pair of books: "The Art of Practice" and "The Game of Practice." The former describes practice techniques and concepts, and the latter is an aid to put the various concepts into your daily practice. They are complementary and I think you will find great value in having, and using, both!

My first impression as I read the Art of Practice is that Adam's teaching is very much like mine. However, I tend to use "wispy" language sometimes, and I also often rely on an Arnold Jacobs type of teaching, where you focus on the sound you want to produce and not on how to produce it. That works very well for players who are comfortable thinking along those lines. But I know not everyone relates to the way I express my ideas.

Adam has managed to take many of the same basic concepts I'm trying to teach and put them in a much more scientific/visual method to help the student who is a more literal thinker. For that matter, his books would work nicely for the "wispy thinkers" as well!

For example, in the Art book he starts with a chapter on dynamics, and immediately dives into the science of how we perceive loudness. Then he moves on to discuss the role of air use. I think most readers will relate well to the graphics that show sound waveforms for various dynamics.

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He combines the wave graphics with sheet music graphics, and it makes great sense visually. The images show even more value when he uses them to display instances where there is playing problem that does not produce the desire effect.

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As I mentioned, the Game book helps you integrate the Art concepts into daily action. It also offers plenty of additional advice on various concepts.

Right off the bat there is an evaluation form to help focus your efforts. Page one is shown here:
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An addition Adam provides photos to help understand what the text is addressing. Here he is discussing relaxed breathing (there are several more photos in this section):
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An exercise along with a visual aid to help you form the right goal for developing correct short releases:
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And one more VERY important concept covered is playing in a way that makes the difficult sound easy. When you hear a musician that sounds immediately like a pro, this is one of the concepts that contributes to your impression.
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ID:	11130I hope this quick overview gives you some idea of how well Adam conceived and executed his concepts. I'll paste the table of contents below to give you an even better idea (this is from the Art book). I highly recommend this pair of books for users who are mostly acquainted with their instrument, but want to find the path to better results. (I'm not sure beginners would understand enough to use the books, UNLESS they are experienced on a non-wind instrument and are switching to a brass instrument.)

You can find the various forms of both books at this link:

"ART" Table of Contents:
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"GAME" Table of Contents:
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