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Three Great Historic Euphonium Books

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Many previously-available items come back online now and then. Fortunately for us, three classic euphonium books are now available.

The first are the two volumes of Arthur Lehman's "The Art of Euphonium." These were originally distributed with an LP, but the printed books themselves are still quite useful. If you also want the recordings, there are high-quality MP3 files available in the links below. The recordings are with the U.S. Marine Band, Arthur's "home" for 20 years.

Book, Volume 1:

Book, Volume 2:

The third book is the wonderful manual of advice by Harold T. Brasch ("Mr. Euphonium"), former U.S. Navy Band soloist. It was aptly named "The Euphonium and 4-Valve Brasses: An Advanced Tutor." There are many manuscript examples inside and a lot of common-sense advice that has been lost over the years. (I still use and teach some of this! Example: Having trouble with the soft lip slurs in Mvt. 1 of Holst's 1st Suite? There is a tip that will solve it.)


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  1. Harry Hilgers's Avatar
    Are these books in bass or treble or in both clefs?
  2. davewerden's Avatar
    If I recall correctly they are all bass clef.
  3. Euph100's Avatar
    These books look great, i can only read in treble clef which restricts me a little from learning from good euphonium manuals like these which teaches the 4 valve system and breathing etc. Any titles in treble clef for only euphonium greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!