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Hearing the Difference: Baritone Horn, Euphonium, Double-Bell Euphonium

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Here are three videos I did specifically to help people understand the differences within the euphonium family.
  • The baritone demonstrated here is a Besson 955 3-valve compensating with a .515" bore.
  • The double-bell euphonium is a Holton, and it demonstrates two things. First you can hear the contrast between the bells, which in this case is about the most simple example of using the horn. But the second concept is the sound of the large bell. This is just the same as the typical American horns, which were often found with curved bells, and which I characterize as small euphoniums.
  • And the euphonium demonstrated is an Adams E1 with a sterling silver bell.


  1. davewerden's Avatar
    I just updated the baritone horn video because the original had gotten messed up by YouTube (it threw off the aspect ratio).
  2. Davidus1's Avatar
    That's a great comparison! Thanks for posting this.