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New Design for Main Site - Responsive!

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The main portion of my site now has a new design. It was time to freshen the look, and it was really time to make the site more mobile friendly. The site should now automatically adjust to the size of the small screen (you can try it by re-sizing your desktop PC's browser window if you want).

So far I have modified the home page, About Us section, articles, book, music, and a few other pages. There are more on my list to do, and I will get to them when I have a chance.

However, I won't fully mobile-ize some of the pages. For example, the mouthpiece comparison charts would have to go to a list of specs for each size (vertically) making comparisons very tedious. However, on pages like the mouthpiece comparisons, you can use them pretty well because the first 3 or 4 columns are visible in portrait on a phone (Brand, Model, Rim, Cup Depth).

Updated 05-12-2016 at 05:55 PM by davewerden

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