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Discussing the Adams Custom Euphonium

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Ever since I switched to Adams in 2012, I have answered many, many questions from other players regarding the choices among all the Adams options as well as customization. Finally it seemed like time to create a video where I can express these out loud instead of in print on my forum, other forums, or Facebook. The video doesn't cover everything, but I think it gives a good overview.

Within the video description are links to my article about the Adams Adjustable Gap Receiver, the Adams euphonium page, and the dealer locator:

Updated 02-22-2018 at 11:58 AM by davewerden

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  1. dsurkin's Avatar
    Dave: I'm curious about Saturn water keys - did you consider them? Do you find the Amado more to your liking? I'm thinking of adding a Saturn water key to the second valve tubing of my Mack Brass horn (I agree with you about having to empty that one a lot, and it being a little unsightly for the audience).
  2. davewerden's Avatar

    I have tested a Saturn on my 2nd valve. See this blog post:

    The Saturn key can be activated from any direction, so it would certainly not be good for my main tuning slide.

    Also, part of the reason I chose Amado was appearance. With 4 keys on the front of the horn, it would look a little cobbled, I think. However, for just the 2nd slide it would be more subtle.

    You could also consider the Pollard key:
  3. dsurkin's Avatar
    Thank you, Dave. Has anyone here used the Pollard key?
  4. davewerden's Avatar
    I suggest posting that very question on the forum! Might be an interesting conversation. You could open it to include Amado and Saturn as well.
  5. RickF's Avatar
    Great video and good description of the Adams Custom euphonium! Thanks for taking the time to do this.
  6. Davidus1's Avatar
    Great video! Thanks for sharing.