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We Just Added a What's New Section for the Blog and the Forum

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If you want to see the latest activity on the blog or the forum, you can do so on one page. There is a new link in the menu bar above, called "What's New?". This will take you to a quick overview of the latest activities in both the blog and the forum.

When viewing the blog, you should see your profile in the right column. There is a "Subscribe to this Blog" link, where you can specify whether you only want notifications when you log in, or if you would like an instant email when something new is posted.

In the forum, you can subscribe to any Category by looking at the drop-down choices called Forum Tools. This only appears if you are logged in and viewing the lower-level category. For example, it is not an option at the "Euphonium" level, but IS at the "Euphonium Brands" level.

There are also some general settings that allow you to control some more automated subscription options. Learn more here: