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New, Improved Brass Music Videos Section

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Some time ago I added a collection of hand-picked videos of brass music for all solo instruments, brass bands, and brass ensembles. It was dependent on the YouTube Video Player widget, but that came to have limitations. First, YouTube limited the length of the title list on each player collection to 50. Also, it was difficult to see what exactly you were about to view. There are currently over 1,000 brass videos in my collection. The euphonium collection alone has more than 300! Clearly the YouTube Player is no longer satisfactory.

So I changed the format entirely. Now the brass videos collection is database driven. You will see separate pages for each brass instrument and for brass ensembles. On each page you see a list of the most popular artists, the most recent videos in that category, and an alphabetical list of artists and titles. The newest feature allows you to choose to sort by newest videos in each category, so if you haven't checked them out for a while you can easily see what has been added since your last visit. Much better!

There is also a link to report missing videos. Sometimes YouTube deletes a video or the person who uploaded it deletes it. If you see such a thing you can report it to me to check out.

For your convenience I have set a link for each artist in case you want to limit your view to his/her selections. For example, here are links to some of our most popular (showing the number of views of the artist in parentheses, as of this writing):

Steven Mead Videos (4,111)

Sergei Nakariakov Videos (2,872)

David Childs Videos (2,465)

David Werden Videos (1,832)

Doc Severinsen Videos (1,665)

Alison Balsom Videos (1,176)

Rafael Mendez Videos (1,130)

Enjoy any of the following categories!

Trumpet Videos

Horn Videos

Trombone Videos

Euphonium Videos

Tuba Videos

Brass Band/Ensemble Videos

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