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We've Won the Malware Fight!

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Regular visitors will know that this site became inflicted with some kind of virus or malware. My site is hosted on a server that also hosts many other sites, which is necessary unless you can afford big bucks for your own server. It appears one of those other sites was infected and that spread to all other sites on the server via the Windows web server.

It took my hosting company a while to get everything clean and back to normal (it involved moving to a new server with a clean install of the operating system). They were not able to clean all my files after several attempts, so they restored my site with files from an earlier backup. Consequently I have lost a couple of recent blog posts.

As always, when you browse the web always make sure your computer is protected. Be sure to set your operating system, your anti-virus software, and your browser to update automatically. If you don't have good anti-virus software, a good source of suggestions is the Kim Komando website. She is a computer radio talk-show host. The page below has links to obtain some great FREE virus protection software:

Kim Komando Security Center

Thanks for your patience during this time.

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