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Many Euphonium and Tuba Sites!

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There are a great many tuba and euphonium sites on the net. Some even offer free recordings, and most of them have some interesting educational value. I have collected many of them on this page:

Tuba and Euphonium Sites

There you will find links for these players:

Aaron Tindall

Adam Frey's Site

Alchemy Euphonium-Tuba Quartet

Barton Cummings' Web Page

Bob Childs Web Site

David Childs

David Thornton

James Gourlay, tubist

Loren Marsteller Website

Modern Jazz Tuba Project

Oystein Baadsvik, tuba

Pat Sheridan's Site

Pat Stuckemeyer

Rich Matteson site

Rory Cartmell, Euphonium

Soto Voce Euphonium-Tuba Quartet

Steve Sykes

Steven Booth's Baritone Site

Steven Mead Recordings Web Site

Symphonia Web Site

Thomas Ruedi

Tormod R. Flaten

If you know of other sitea that should be on that page, please let me know by using this form:

Contact Form

I want the links section of this site to be as complete as possible. Thanks for your help!

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